Monday, January 4, 2010

IOU for Replies to Comments

One hope that I had when I started this blog was that I would learn to write more quickly. I ought to have known better. I am the sort of writer who would fuss over drafts of a shopping list if I had to present it to someone else. Each of my posts so far has cost me at least six hours of composition time. Over the past several days, I have started drafts of several posts, but there is only one on which I have continued to work; and I have surely put more than ten hours into it so far. I think that it is nearly finished, but I can’t be sure of that: new complications have a way of continually emerging.

In the mean time, I have unexpectedly received some rather substantial comments on previous entries from tcs3600 and rogueregime. Each of them merits a thoughtful reply, and, knowing my own habits, I can’t count on being able to post replies to them soon. So my intention is to devote an entry to replying to those comments as soon as I have finished and posted the entry on which I am now working.

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  1. No problemo! Take your time... And enjoy writing.

    This is the great benefit of using Google Reader: Because I've subscribed to your blog, it will tell me when you've posted something new...I don't have to keep checking! :)